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Firefall: The controversy that isn't

This is about the game firefall and the offense that some seemingly modern young women take on seeing one character class that has one buttcheeck uncovered. There has been several controversial threads on the firefall forums about this and this is something that seriously bugs  and facinates me at the same time. I need to make a blog post about this because 1. it concerns how people view firefall and 2, whenever I come across such a thread on the firefall forums it's already locked so I can't vent. Luckily this is my personal blog and I would like to take this opportunity to think out loud about this.

New The Longest Journey Game Coming

There's a few videogames that have the same status for me as a religion, dead space, trackmania, firefall, left 4 dead and the The Longest Journey series. I jumped up off my chair today when I heard great news about the last mentioned games. Read on!

Accessibility: Realistic games and me

This post is about accessability in games for the visually impaired. We all know the deaf/colorblind support but as games become increasingly realistic and pale and has increasingly more irritating "hide and shoot" AI, it becomes too difficult for a visually impaired person to enjoy games like max payne, call of duty and the likes.

One Big Rant: Griefers in left 4 dead

I'm an avid left 4 dead player and in this article I want to share my thoughts about the rampant problem this game has to deal with: namely a small group of griefers who just like to destroy everybody's game. If it's TL;DR I invite you to play this game for a month and if you're a self respecting gamer who also has respect for others you'll know what I mean.

Shaping Up

A few months ago I decided that I should create a central place for myself. I've been scavenging the internet and you've maybe seen me on facebook, twitter, forums and whatnot. I've been active in helping communities out with music, making sound effects and much more. All that happened without me having a home to call my own. I'm a musician, not a programmer. No one says that I couldn't be both but I guess I'm too dumb for coding up an own private website that also has the visual style I want and which I could customize the way I want.

This is changing. I made sure I was going to use a nice content management system where I could easily order my content but also I needed a nice style for it. That's what you see here now. Let's be a bit nationalist here. The website (as you can see below) runs a completely Belgian made content management system called Fork. It has a nice backend where I can sculpt content in to blocks and order them where I want.

The visual look of the site could be anything, just like with wordpress this thing can have many different facades while making use of pluggable "themes". Now this takes a bit more than is place for in my html noobish head so I used a style that was designed according to my taste, whiped up by the guy behind

From now on I'm going to centralize all my rants, oppinions, musical work, links, and other news here. I already published a pair of articles and I've started many more. You'll see me talk about music, the tv series I love, star trek (yes that's something sepparate), games and I'm not affraid to start a rant or 2. As a fictional character of a certain Valve game says: It's my website and i can do whatever I damn want with it. Except porns. I even hate porns.

And with that, the tone is set. Good reading and listening (I hope)