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Axelay 2: My Dream sequel

Who still remembers that classic game from Konami. It was one of the most accessible yet satisfying R Type shooters and it came with a twist. The absence of a sequel (which was promised right at the end of the game) lingered on and now I'm full of Ideas for a sequel myself.

I just throw them up here. I'm not a programmer or graphic designer, but I DO feel that I know what I would want out of it so I'd just like to throw it out in the world, My dream about an Axelay 2.

One Big Rant: Firefall and the pitfalls of open to public game development

A new rant. In this article I "rant" about some mishaps that I see in the world of open game development, the attitude and stance of some of the playerbase and overal respect which is lacking towards a developer that tries to make a game, and because I deeply engaged myself to test Firefall, this is the culprit of my new One Big Rant.

Accessibility: Why I suck in Dota 2

I think that it was end may of 2013 that I started playing dota 2. I never felt this mix of emotions before. Usually when I see a game that's not accessible enough for me to play I stop playing, Crysis 2, MW3 etc... With DOTA2 however, I feel this urge of really wanting to play this game and yet not being able to act quickly in "dire" situations (muha). I've tried to tacke a few ever returning accessibility issues that I have discovered in this game, and I'd like to discuss these with outlines on what's the Issue I have with them. Take note that these are personal issues and aren't meant to fault the game on a general level. Obviously 300.000 people playing the game online at the same time can't be wrong. This article is about how my eyesight impairs me to play it at a basic competent level.

A companion like Elizabeth makes me dream

Bioshock infinite. That game has to be the most inspiring game that I played so far in 2013. A big reason for that is: Elizabeth. She's the center of this steampunk/rapunzel/surrealism mash up of a fairy tale. But I'm not gonna talk about the story so much, it's more about how accessible she is (and don't take that the wrong way too, If I want to be mentioned on IGN it's not because I want to marry her, well maybe I do but in this article I'd like to talk about the accessibility she brings to the game).

You're addicted to wanting to play WATCH_DOGS when...

Once in a while, games are presented that capture your interest and imagination for future possibilities. This new to be released game by Ubisoft is one of those things that make me glad to be a gamer and glad that I can look forward to the new experience they are going to deliver.

Kickstarting the balance

After 7 long years fans of The Longest Journey will finally be able to rejoice, as an independent studio revisits the storytime universe that spawned Stark and Arcadia. You know after that big collapse the balance needs a kickstarter and that's just what Red Thread studios is doing. And I'm stoked and jumped on that band wagon because This just MUST HAPPEN!.

The sound in my head

I've been struck with a severe version of a condition called tinnitus. The last 13 years I've been dealing with this on and off but it never has been this worse as rightnow. I just need to write this off to make it known. Rather than to keep it all for myself, I'd like to begin writing about this on my blog.