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Dude look at these sample libraries

For years I've been building my virtual studio instrument collection and the last years it has became dramaticaly more interesting. With PC moving to 64bit and having unlimited RAM, you suddenly started to see incredibly lively sounding instruments popping up, from eastwest studios to REFX nexus's holywood synth expansions, from sonokinetik distinct' carnival library with authenticly sounding fairground attraction instruments to musiclab's realguitar series, and as crown jewel we have ongoing authentic sample synthesisers like camel audio alchemy (which is now part of apple's logic software packet. Spectrasonics Omnisphere and in the department of virtual analog, we have superb products from U-he such as Hive

But little did I know that just these past days, I was blown away by all the stuff I discovered on the net, and all the dizziness I have to experience at the amount of worldclass sounding libraries you can buy! I could literally buy myself bankrupt on all the useful and powerful instruments out there.

Just now, My brain literally melted when I heard the solo studio session sopranos in a box from this 8dio team lead by Troels Fohlman, the guy that also produced some music for video games such as Tomb Raider Legend. And now, I actually know where all these dingidingy fancy arpeggiated holywood style game and tv series scores come from. It's heaviocity man!

I've added a new category to my links page, where I'm going to put all important libraries that struck a sensitive snare in my soul. And you know, It's even only the tip of the iceberg. Explore the sites I've linked here in this article and dig through the links, You're gonna have endless pleasure discovering unusually great instruments. Being a musician who works on a digital audio workstation has never been as interesting and rewarding as now. You can be a one man orchestra/filmscore producer and it doesn't sound as synthetic anymore as it even sounded 5 years ago!

Rightnow, I feel like I've wasted some money on "static" sounding choir libraries. But I want lots of stuff this christmas and it will boost my music's natural breath allot!

I thought when I created the second E.P. in 2010, I created the defining versions of my compositions from years gone by, but I feel I could give Kyra a boost now!