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Purchasing plays

Sometimes I get mail from spammers asking if I want to "purchase plays" for the music I have. You can even purchase reviews and likes.

This means that you can artificially create high rates and view counts on your youtube videos or soundcloud audio files. They always say "it helps making you popular".

And then, I really wonder why would somebody with self value and a sane mind even do this ? In this regard I'm totally with valve software (game producers) on how their games got popular. They don't even need promotion anymore when they're going to release a new game. If Half life 3 will ever get announce, the internet will be broken in a matter of seconds. And how did they come so far ? By making good games and having steam and word of mouth do the rest.

Now, I think of my music as that as well. If the 3 EP's on iTunes aren't good, people won't buy it. If people won't buy it I need to make more songs, become more perfect and efficient in what kind of music I bring to the world. I don't want to create an illusion for myself that I have "high value" songs by purchasing a milion plays on my soundcloud account for a certain song.

Honestly it has been depressing the last years because I don't sell jack. A stream here and there, and just enough money to buy a candy bar each month. So That's all on me. If the music that I make can't sell itself it's all on me.

If I can't create a song that appeals so much that it automaticly gets interest and enough vieuws than for me that means I'm doing something wrong. I don't want to buy any castles in the sky to cover that up. In this way. I'm just honest and straight like that. I'd rather have a depressingly low amount of listens because that will represent the quality of the music more, than do makebelieve on myself and act as if I'm a god among musicians with 2 million views. I want the music to grow on it's own, and my image as a musician to grow proportionally with the interest of ppl. Not "cheat" myself into popularity. This just simply isn't what music making is about for me.

If I'm going to have the satisfaction of success, I want it to be authentic! So no, no "purchase plays" for me.

I'm getting sidetracked often by these goofy "gaming community oriented" songs that you can see in the "leisure and satire" playlist. I love doing that shit as much as I like to make "serious" music. This is me, i'm goofy like that. But I need to represent myself in a straight way. And if this ain't catching on, all I can do is grow and change and mature as an artist :)