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Water E.P. Preview on Soundcloud (and melodies)

Finally I can say I'll release my third and last introductionary EP to iTunes soon. What I mean by introductionary is that I've worked hard to perfect several songs these last years. Those songs were composed during the early 2000's (hmm do you say it like that ?). The problem back then was that although I could express them pretty well, I had nor the tech or expertise to really craft them to perfections, with the sounds I wanted, with the tools I wanted.

Nowadays I create everything using a computer, I've got a pretty convincing library of sounds and the tools to sculpt them, so I could mold those tracks that remained deer to me into worthy versions for publishing.

I'm a melodic person. Trough out the years I found myself bound to some melodies and ideas that I've made so I really wanted to get them out there to showcase of what I was all about as a musician.

The thing is this: Relaxation music is often seen as this "bed of sound" with some water streaming in the background, some guitar melody with swooshing pads that have a lush feeling to them. But I find emotional turmoil, relaxation, bittersweetness, tragicness, hapiiness into the very melodies that I hear or create. Thats why these tracks are "heavy" on melodic ideas. Like Kitaro and Vangelis do, they are not only experts in mood music but their ideas are in a musical encryption algorythm called "a melody". That's - at least to me - the most important thing in a song.

I hope you enjoy this preview. At the time of writing, 2 tracks are still missing but will be added the last week of August 2012).  I would like to get this out on Itunes on september 1st (2012 ofcourse). Then it has been 2 years ago that I released my second E.P. with some balad oriented music.

So what's next for me ? Just working trough some (steam) friend's projects, getting a few pop songs out, and maybe collect som recent work for a new album in let's say 2014 :P (yes I like to give myself much time, and yes I hate deadlines). Let's say 2020 and it will be definitely released on time!

Anyway, as said you can find the preview for my upcoming E.P. here and on the "portfolio/discography page!