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November Mockup Month

I like taking the challenge to recreate something on a 1:1 version with the original, and it seems that I can do that with very different styles of music because of all the good plugins and sample libraries that I have:

This year I made 3 things:

People were so stoked to hear a full version of "reconstructing science" a trailer song that played during 2010's E3 press conference of portal 2 so I thought let's recreate this one: In the mean time the original one is already out on downloadable OST packs, but I still feel proud of my "rendition

Does the most hyped song of 2012 need any reintroduction ? I didn't think so. I made a version because I had some of our dialect's lyrics ready to make a parody, now to find a singer who could do it :P

I created this just now, I always liked the idea of trying to remake this theme song completely virtual, and the technology of today allows it and it doesn't sound bad at all, a great gimmick.