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Firefall: The controversy that isn't

There's a game I like to play called firefall. I don't want to go into specifics but suffice to say it's shaping up to be a nice dynamic open world game for people to spend time into, fighting an ongoing war against mysterious enemies that don't really belong here. We're trapped between a veil of energy and death and have only a few square miles to live and this game is about retaking our planet.

Some leisure things and events are rather portrayed in a goofy way. Firefall is a game that places fun as it's first objective. However there are some people, - even people we consider important enough to care about in the video game community - who seem to take offense in some very specific aspect of the game which you can see below:



Seen it ? I'm gonna start saying this: Why ? Nobody talks about the fact that you can teabag, taunt, kill, or burn somebody's face with some rocket boots. But God forbid that there would be a display of a naked piece of female body part. That's suddenly reason to degrade the red 5 studios' staff (developers of the game) to a bunch of sexists and to point out that they are degrading women to a stereotype sexual object by depicing them having fun while jumping around in the world or have fun dancing while wearing a somewhat odd assymetrical but spicy technological outfit.

There's a naked piece of butt, and suddenly even some women that would be thinking modern thoughts otherwise - and should have an idea of where they came from and how they were trapped in a physical and mental straight jacket in the last century - topples over and transforms to a conservative purist.

You could say to me that the development studio has also thrown women into this "straight jacket" of having to be a "sexual object". But you could victimize everything you know. In this game, men can drink themself silly with wiki wacker coctails.  I could also start on how the stereotype of a drinking and smoking guy destroys all of men's reputation. I feel - and this is a general feeling and not really related to the game - that if women take offense over a naked piece of ass, they are actually victimizing womanhoot once again as if it was something that is ALWAYS imposed or forced on them, but in the mean while: women these days are pretty damn well aware of what their body means to both themself and the world. They either exploit it or they don't and it's their right to do this or not to.  If they choose to run half naked trough the street isn't it their OWN responsibility ?

It's also very very hypocritical. What is the first thing that women say if they think a guy is sexy ? "Nice ass". If you would put a microphone in a lady's room you will hear banter which far more explicit than some guys can come up with and we'll be amazed on how a "piece of ass" can be elevated to godlike status for some women, or pieces of eye for that matter. If women start complaining about people turning them into an object: they also have to remember how much they let male body parts be an object of their obsession. It's a matter of mutual respect and not let this get in front of our personality but it doesn't matter in a damn videogame and it doesn't suddenly become a statement of woman repression because she shows some "moar" skin.

I feel that these people make it seem like the fact that there's something covering up a guy's ass in the game makes all the difference. Suddenly, they (the males) are watched with envy while in the rest of the world women in pop culture gets more and more undressed and don't feel sad about it.

To be clear, My moral thoughtframe is not  "should women be more and more naked", my question is "why take offense to it in video games specificly ?"

A month ago, (at least here in Belgium) a bunch of women were desperately trying to make the point that people shouldn't scold them for wearing "modern revealing clothing" that shows stuff. I would like to ask the women who take offense in seeing naked part in Firefall: Do you ever wear a miniskirt without panties ? Do you like to show cleavage ? What would you do if a guy takes offense to that ? Any liberal thinking person who knows how it was before the second half of the last century would sigh in relief and say thank god women can show what they want, do what they want and choose a career without judgement. At least that's what the feminist movement was supposed to be about.

We all know all this movement towards equal rights, equal pay, equal treatment runs in different speeds among different kind of people and in some countries it's a bit slower than somewhere else. "GOOD" feminism is the kind that is honestly struggles for these things But  i absolutely hate "inconsistent (opportunistic) feminism".

Inconsistent feminism is the kind that makes women use their "body" as bargain to get stuff done from their husband and then complain that people don't censor a nipple on TV :P It makes the honesty of "feminism" bent. I hate that. And that's what I wanted to say. Foord for thought or food for trolling, I just would think that people would nuance themself a bit more in several situations. When they play a video game it's not that men are going to turn into bullies who are going to enslave the woman population once again.

The whole situation with Jack Thompson should already have proven a point right ? It's not because people shoot others in videogames that everyone will become a killer. Now if some people (even men) would understand that it's not because women show butt in a game that hey are prostitues.

Or, For the sake of my accessability article I could ask red 5 to add a censoring filter to the game that makes the ass look blocky :)



TSu wrote

You didn't understand a single shit about why people are getting tired of tiny pieces of useless "armour", not only wemen that are tired about this but also grow-up men who don't want to see a Female Master Chief in a stupid bikini armour shit (thank god it will never happen). Also, modern isn't a synonym for realistic or setting related when talking about clothes or armour in video games.

Remove your eye-patches, there is even a demand for booty shorts armour and such for dudes too in the Firefall forums.


I understand it well, the point is that it is a non issue. You could as well say "damn that water is wet, start a petition against that". There are games for everyone. Becuase you have many layers in that spectrum. From bayonetta to Jodie (beyond 2 souls), from Zoey (l4d) to the babes with the cannon shooting breasts in quake 2). I mean, not every games always objectify women, and not even all women contest to that.

It's also an indurstry that matures. Lara croft became more "realistic" than before and I hated her too in the early years, not even so much because of the oversized triangle breasts but the shitty attitude.

So, Since gaming became more and more mainstream, are you going to say to all those girls and women who became involved in the industry as a "gaming babe", sexy youtube celebrity, booth babe, women doing sexy cosplayers, are you goign to call all these women out and say they objectivy themself ?

For this whole notion of "women are objectified" to really make sense as a real problem: Women have to stop doing it themself altogether.