Ocreaties (theatre company):

Theatre group, production on background music for public mimic sceneplay (youtube link)

Left 4 dead (zombie shooter video game):

  • Official intro tune remix for the Cold Stream campaign in Left 4 dead 2 (youtube link)
  • Music and gameplay design on addon campaign: Dead before Dawn (youtube link)
  • Music work on addon campaign Suicide Blitz (youtube link)
  • Music Work on addon campaign Death Sentence (youtube link)

Portal 2 (sciece fiction puzzle game):

TrackMania (video game):

  • Community Representative (2004-2010)
  • Dutch Translation work for TrackMania Sunrise (2005)
  • Minor sound design work for trackmania Forever (2008)
  • Co-Founder of TM-FORUM (2005)
  • Project Co-Lead for Trackmania Forever beta test phase (2008)

Song remix work:

Nowadays, I can almost feel proudly nostalgic about riding the waves of cheesy 90's music, I did a remix for trhis song by Linda Low :P

Access Music (synthesiser company):

I did 2,5 banks for Access music. And I still feel guitly that I didn't finish the latest one I wanted to do for them.


  • Mainly trough of my work for Access Music and sound design freely available on the internet, my sounds are heard in movies across youtube and even in movies like Johnny English and Dawn of the Dead (2004 remake) A litle helping
  • LA UFO dvd documentary with Dan Akroyd (Main dvd menu sound effects)
  • Flawed Symmetry (youtube link)
  • 50 Factory patches for Audiorealism Redominator
  • Beta testing for Firefall
  • Beta testing for Heroes of the Storm
  • Beta testing Audiorealism products