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Virtual moving pains

After almost 10 long years, I finally had to move away from one of the coolest hosts that I have ever been with. And that was only because of an option that this cms package needs and they weren't willing to support. It was sad though, because after the whole bullshit I have gone trough with a certain hoster-we-will-not-name asshat from the Netherlands, Dreamhost was a welcome respit and actually got me a cool treat. When I joined they were doing a "10 years in hosting business" promotion and I gained unlimited bandwidth/unlimited diskspace for $10 a month! Although the transfers and the site was a little slow, I totally dug them. They had a bunch of cool back end features where you could one click install almost everything and they were one of the first to have an easy "plesk" like admin panel for a hosting formula that was actually affordable. Finally I also didn't have to worry hosting all my Trackmania music tracks without having a huge risk of going "over the limit". I remember at that time I was generating 300gb/m traffic with this, which now reduced to 16gb/m because not many people are playing these tracks anymore and everyone kinda moved over to maniaplanet (basicly trackmania 2), and I'm a slacker and haven't really made music for trackmania in a long time.

Anyway, going a bit off topic. At my time with dreamhost, I tried some of these mainstream cms things like wordpress but because they are so public, they are prone to attacks, much spam and lots of breaching attempts, not to mention PhpBB3, don't get me started on that one. If you don't manage it closely, russians will turn it into their own porn site quickly.

So last year I have started to use This CMS. Because I'm absolutely a spam hater, I loved it as being a less "mainstream" cms which focuses heavily on protection and security, less hijackable by russian porn mobs and whatnot. A drawback is that it's sometimes a bitch to upgrade (because you need lots of technical knowledge when something goes wrong, because the errors aren't always so clear cut, and because it's not so mainstream you can't immediately find a solution. It also requiresy ou to have access to apache server settings that generally aren't provided to hosting clients in an unser friendly way. I'll see what support I can get, otherwise I'll have to move to something else.

With wordpress it was easy, there's so much support documentation available and you could just upgrade and boom: but this cms's makers are taking security pretty seriously so they sometimes dare to swap a significant part of the code for something more secure, and thats why I need to always nag people to help me if it went trough a major update. Their documentation often assumes that you are a coder but I'm too dumb to interpret that. Still, i'd rather have it this way than always having the risk of many leaks.

So to finally come to the point, I had to move some stuff over now and I moved to a provider which has appeared to have stood the test of time since their "3ts" days, when I was asking them for linux space to host my eggdrop bot on!. That was all prior the time they changed their name to "priorweb"! They became a cool webhost since. Actually I have had my domain with them for lots of yeears, even including my time at dreamhost when it was just forwarded.

So you're gonna see some weird stuff the next days as I'm trying to re assemble this website.