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Oops, forgot about 5080Land :P

Around 2000 I got psyched about this Roland all-in rompler that had all the nifty sounds you would ever need and more, it had a friggin sample library player built in. (well actually you had to buy a scsi cdrom player , buy extra memory and an writable disk like an orb drive for it but it was pretty ok for that time).

I made a website to answer all the questions that people had at the time and I notice to this day (in google analytics) that it's visited pretty often and was mentioned even in Sound on Sound magazine. So I SHOULD bring it back as long as I can, because lots of people are still using that synth module!

I've moved to an all software solution since a few years now but I'm not completely ruling out the possibility of me every buying an integra7, (the curent Roland PC integrated romplayer and and distant grandchild of the xv5080.)

Also (and this is a "when it's done" thing), I'm gonna try to correct the issue with the tutorial pages. I had written up some stuff there as well but I'm a html noob and I'm not sure why this thing won't show up in the "tutorial" frame.

Lots of these other pages were hosted on yahoo ,(like the guestbook etc).. so it's normal that they are out. But for the rest and in the mean while, "enjoy" 5080Land now it's back ! It's also available in the "links" section.