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Shaping Up

A few months ago I decided that I should create a central place for myself. I've been scavenging the internet and you've maybe seen me on facebook, twitter, forums and whatnot. I've been active in helping communities out with music, making sound effects and much more. All that happened without me having a home to call my own. I'm a musician, not a programmer. No one says that I couldn't be both but I guess I'm too dumb for coding up an own private website that also has the visual style I want and which I could customize the way I want.

This is changing. I made sure I was going to use a nice content management system where I could easily order my content but also I needed a nice style for it. That's what you see here now. Let's be a bit nationalist here. The website (as you can see below) runs a completely Belgian made content management system called Fork. It has a nice backend where I can sculpt content in to blocks and order them where I want.

The visual look of the site could be anything, just like with wordpress this thing can have many different facades while making use of pluggable "themes". Now this takes a bit more than is place for in my html noobish head so I used a style that was designed according to my taste, whiped up by the guy behind

From now on I'm going to centralize all my rants, oppinions, musical work, links, and other news here. I already published a pair of articles and I've started many more. You'll see me talk about music, the tv series I love, star trek (yes that's something sepparate), games and I'm not affraid to start a rant or 2. As a fictional character of a certain Valve game says: It's my website and i can do whatever I damn want with it. Except porns. I even hate porns.

And with that, the tone is set. Good reading and listening (I hope)

Test phase

Finally! I'm having a site, or at least:  a test version of it. I'm gonna break it to you immediately. I don't even feel like I need one. I've got facebook and youtube. That's where people are nowadays and I feel like if I communicate on these networks it will be enough for you to know stuff about my life.

However I realise I need a small little space to present myself, my portfolio, the things I do and did, and i've got my domain So why not make use of it ? I just didn't have the energy or sense of dedication to do so. But I'm slowly gonna build it now.

My intention is to make a site that gives you info on everything you can expect of me, or whenever I want to rant about something. (oh wait, I'm ranting already so that's a great beginning)

I'll start with absolutely no visual website theme whatsoever, well... that's actually a "theme" in itself. But this way I can show that I start from scratch. My info, bio , portfolio will be ready in the near future. I hope to all do this during the march/april period. I also have to finish some songs for my 3d EP that will conclude all the rescores and remixes of all songs I composed during the last 12 years.

Then, I will be able to move on to new projects. Work for game studios making music and whatnot but as far as this future goes, it's not written yet.